Martha was classically trained as a youth, but expanded to jazz and rock as a college student while earning her mechanical engineering degree at Northwestern University.  She was active in the Chicago music scene for over ten years, performing with various rock and jazz ensembles including singer-songwriter Kat Parsons, indie rock band The Paper Airplane Pilots, prog rock ensemble Aziola Cry, rock musician Phil Angotti, and gypsy jazz guitarist Alfonso Ponticelli.  Martha was also a founding member of Chicago gypsy jazz ensemble, the Uptown Strings.  She studied jazz theory, improvisation, writing and arranging with David Bloom at the Bloom School of Jazz

Upon moving to Northfield, MN in 2010, Martha founded gypsy jazz ensemble Ile du Berceau, makes frequent appearances with the Clearwater Hot Club and strives to cultivate the budding gypsy jazz scene in southern Minnesota.  She founded and directs Hot Spot Music, a practice, rehearsal, teaching, event and gathering place for local musicians.  Martha also established the now-annual Northfield Gypsy Jazz Jam Series which brings world-renown professional musicians to the small town of Northfield for rousing "hot club" style community jam sessions.

Martha began her professional career as an acoustical consultant for the Chicago firm of Kirkegaard Associates and a project manager for the Rise Group.  She is now the Manager of Campus Energy and Sustainability at Carleton College.  She lives in Northfield with her loving husband, Nat, and two adorable kids, Olga and Gus.